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Jessie De Lowe’s Guide to Finding Your Glow

July 01, 2024
Photos by: Bliss Kaufman

Today, we’re sitting down with Jessie De Lowe—manifestation advisor, relationship coach, and mom—at her gorgeous Montecito home to talk about all things beauty. Dedicated to living intentionally, De Lowe is someone we trust when it comes to glowing from the inside out—and from the outside in. Here, she shares her favorite clean skincare routine, wellness rituals, and mini manifestation practices you can do every day.

How would you describe your self-care and beauty ethos?
I view self-care and beauty rituals as a super pleasurable gift of love to myself. It is a sensual experience that I savor and truly value. I am obsessed with natural, beautiful-smelling products, always and forever.
What's your approach to summer skincare and beauty? Any special products or rituals you incorporate for the season?
Lots of hydration, some bronze glimmery oils, and gentle exfoliation. I really love Oak Essentials Perfecting Body Scrub–I keep it in the shower and it makes my whole body glisten and glow when I get out. I also love the cooling face mist for a daily pick-me-up.
We often see summer as a time to slow down and live simply. How does this speak to you?
For me, summer is all about slow living while adventuring with my family. We love to take this sweet time to experience a slice of life through the lens of different cultures around the world.
Does this idea of intentional living carry over to your summer beauty routine?
Definitely. Everything I put on my skin, body, and face is intentional. I religiously use only high-vibe products that make me feel like the best version of myself.
What are your daily non-negotiables for self-care and beauty?
Water with lemon upon waking followed by a beautifully prepared coffee with Koatji milk and Vitamin D drops, made by my amazing husband. A gentle cleanser for my face followed by a refreshing mist and then a luxurious, hydrating face oil. I also always use a SPF with a little bronze sparkle and tinted lip balm. I eat lots of organic fruits and veggies. I take long walks outside in nature and try to sweat regularly. It’s really about having fun with family and friends, dipping in the ocean and as many al fresco meals as possible!
Become an expert on how to raise your vibration and then become disciplined about following through on doing these things regularly.
Are there any beauty mantras or ideas you hope to pass down to your daughters?
Beauty radiates from the inside out. Simplicity is luxury.
How do you explain the practice of manifestation to someone who is new to it?
The universe has infinite realities–we can look at this through the metaphor of a radio. There are countless radio stations available to us. To skillfully manifest, we need to decide what radio station we want to listen to, and then tune ourselves to become a match for that particular frequency to be able to tune into it and experience it.
Are there any manifestation practices we can incorporate into our everyday to help cultivate the life we want?
Anything that raises your vibration internally will result in an upgrade to the way you see and experience your external reality. Become an expert on how to raise your vibration and then become disciplined about following through on doing these things regularly.

First beauty memory: Playing around at my mom’s dressing table, trying out all of her lotions and potions. 

Three desert island skincare staples: Coconut oil, rose water spray, and a hat to protect my skin.

Best beauty lesson: Less is best! 

Most underrated beauty tip or tool: Q-tips.

You feel your most beautiful when: I’m in Costa Rica–something about the climate and lifestyle there really makes me feel like my best self.

Recipe you can’t stop cooking: Frozen blueberries heated up until they become a sauce mixed with Greek yogurt and topped with cherries, granola, and a drizzle of chestnut honey.

Current song you’re playing on repeat: Haydee by Tati Falco.