Oak Essentials is clean, luxurious skincare that values efficacy alongside a sensorial, spa-like experience and minimalist aesthetic. Our promise is simple: we offer moisture-rich essentials that inspire intentional daily rituals for healthy, youthful skin.


Behind the Brand

Oak Essentials was created by visionary tastemaker Jenni Kayne, renowned for her esteemed lifestyle brand. Her inherent style of luxurious living and years of perfecting her own clean self-care routine led to the creation of Oak Essentials. Inspired by the transformative experience of indulgent spa treatments, our promise is simple: we offer a meticulous assortment of skincare essentials that value efficacy and results alongside experience and aesthetic. We deliver simple, spa-quality self-care, designed to elevate daily rituals effortlessly.


Our Clean Standard

Rooted in nature, our assortment of clean products is made simply and without compromise. From ingredients to packaging, everything we do is created with you and the earth in mind. Our skincare essentials are cruelty-free, non-GMO, organic and natural origin whenever possible, and always formulated without silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGs, petrolatum, mineral oil, and nanoparticles.

cruelty-free, non-gmo and organic

Always formulated without synthetic fragrances, silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGs, petrolatum, mineral oil, and nanoparticles.


Our products are made simply and without compromise, sustaining your skin and the world around us. From ingredient sourcing to packaging, we aim to choose the best options for the earth.


Made in the USA, our product cartons and shipping boxes are printed with soy-based inks and made of 100% recyclable materials. All new product cartons are made from tree-free paper. But that’s not all: our product cartons are also PCF (processed chlorine free) certified and Green Seal certified, meaning our packaging is made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber. Wherever possible, we use glass packaging that is easily recyclable. Many of our plastic packaging containers are made with a content of PCR (post-consumer recycled resin), meaning we are using plastics that have been recycled from other products.

Our Promise

Made with You and the Earth in Mind

Clean, Quality, & California-Made