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In Conversation With SotoMethod's Hilary Hoffman

June 13, 2024
Photos by: Thea Traff

In a world of fitness trends and wellness tips, there's one self-care routine that seems to be atop every tastemaker's list: SotoMethod. Defined by her efficient and muscle-toning workouts, SotoMethod's founder Hilary Hoffman is building a fitness empire for the woman on the go—one sculpt session at a time. We visited Hilary at her New York City pop-up to talk all things beauty, fitness, and wellness.

For those who may not know, what is SotoMethod? What was its founding ethos?
SotoMethod is a workout I created for myself while working on Wall Street for nearly a decade. I needed a class that maximized my time from the second I walked into the fitness studio. Still, I also needed a program to adjust and accommodate an unpredictable schedule. And through the predictability of a consistent roadmap that structured all my workouts, I was able to unlock results, efficiency and approachability every single time I found a moment to move.
Can you walk us through your typical morning routine?
On days where I am teaching in the morning, I wake up around 6:45 am, get ready immediately, answer emails while I drink as much water as possible, pray for a #2, head to the studio to prep for class, teach, and then at 10:15 am I devour my breakfast of 2 eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, avocado, and an oat milk latte or cappuccino (my Chief of Staff and I have an ongoing taste test of which cafes do better: cappuccinos or lattes).
And your evening wind-down?
It all starts with a shower (one of my favorite moments of the day) and then I get into my skincare routine (which is 5 minutes, I wish I had more patience for this), watch 30 minutes of feel-good tv (I highly recommend the Kevin Hart Mark Twain Award Special–it's so funny, and his speech at the end—absolutely inspiring), crawl into bed, snuggle and read in bed with my husband and go to sleep dreaming of tomorrow morning’s bacon.
What is your go-to mantra around movement?
Every second counts.
When you’re feeling low or off, what’s the one thing that always lifts you back up?
If I haven't worked out, a quick SotoSculpt does wonders. So much of the Method is about feeling your agency in physical form, so at the end of any class, I am reminded that my choice matters. If I have worked out—a ridiculously good turkey sandwich gives me hope.
Wellness to me is the one healthy choice you make on a daily basis that helps you achieve your goals.
Any tips for incorporating daily movement into our lives?
The key to staying disciplined is understanding the difference between feeling tired vs. exhausted. I am a terrible sleeper. If I didn't work out on the days when I felt 'tired' it would never happen. So on days when you feel sluggish—I am going to tell you to push through. However, if and when we feel exhausted—that's when you pause. That's when you take a break. Because this sensation is your body telling you to slow down. Giving ourselves the grace to respond accordingly reaffirms the fact that YOU get to choose. And when we keep choosing to show up for ourselves—strength happens.
Can you share any post-workout beauty tips?
First, find a deodorant or perfume you love as this is the most necessary refresh needed post-sweat. Second, I find that my ponytail looks its best AFTER I work out, so I use this as an opportunity to redo my hair to have the perfect texture/volume for the remainder of the day.
What does wellness mean to you?
I created Soto to prove it's possible to attain a healthy lifestyle without it dominating your entire life. Especially given the fact that the number one factor to how much “wellness” you can fit into your day comes down to your free time. Wellness to me is the one healthy choice you make on a daily basis that helps you achieve your goals. If I have five minutes to give, I am choosing Soto.

First beauty memory: I remember I got my first real pimple the morning of my brother’s bar mitzvah. And my mom immediately sensed my self-consciousness, sprung into action, and used her skills to cover the blemish with her drawer of Estee Lauder products. Therein lies the first moment where I learned how much I love concealer.

Three desert island skincare staples: Water, Waleeda Skinfood, Sunscreen.

Best beauty lesson: Stand up straight (My Mama was right, nothing makes or breaks a look more than posture).

Most underrated beauty tip or tool: A Q-tip.

You feel your most beautiful when: Post work-out.

Recipe you can’t stop cooking: I wish I spent enough time in the kitchen to have a special recipe to share, but I have perfected my daily fried egg.

Current song you’re playing on repeat: Addicted by Zerb.