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Routine Week: How to Achieve a Brighter Complexion

May 30, 2024
Photos by: Bliss Kaufman

Welcome to Routine Week—a time and space dedicated to curated routines that serve a skincare purpose. Whether you're eager to target fine lines and wrinkles or are aiming to combat dull skin, we teamed up with our very own Global Skincare Ambassador Julia Barna to bring you a host of routines that speak to all skin types and concerns. Today's topic? How to unlock a brighter complexion.

Step One: Pure Gel Cleanser

A multi-tasking cleanser that gently lifts away impurities and evens tone while nourishing the skin with Aloe Leaf Juice, revealing a brighter-looking complexion.

Step Two: Daily Vitamin C Serum

Helps visibly brighten and firm skin, targeting signs of aging. A lightweight and hydrating Vitamin C serum that helps stimulate collagen and fade uneven skin tone and discoloration. Vitamin C is the best ingredient for hyperpigmentation. When used during the day, this serum also acts as preventative care, blocking oxidative stress that would provoke even more damage. 

Step Three: Nightly Retinol Serum

Cellular turnover is key to helping brighten the appearance of dull, uneven skin, and Retinol Linoleate is the most effective way to promote this process. This formula is hydrating enough to use nightly without the irritation or downtime associated with other Retinol products. Reveal a healthier-looking bright glow.

Step Four: Hydra Eye Balm

Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles by smoothing and hydrating the delicate area around the eyes. 

Step Five: Restorative Mask

A deeply hydrating Organic Honey mask with Avocado Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil that’s packed with antioxidants to help replenish and nourish the skin. Honey is a natural humectant that draws in moisture and replenishes the skin's moisture barrier, leaving it velvety soft and luminous. Use it 1-2x weekly with this routine.