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Lessons in Beauty and Motherhood with Paige Harper

April 24, 2024
Photos by: Bliss Kaufman

Paige Harper—model, style icon, and mother to be—is proof positive of the unmatched power of a pregnancy glow, but that's not to say she doesn't have her radiance-boosting routine down pat. She does, by the way—which is why we've asked her to reveal all her best-kept secrets for a natural, laid-back kind of beauty. From her current morning self-care ritual to the best of everything she learned on set, consider her series of tips a complete must-read.

What does a typical morning look like for you these days?
Now that I am well into my third trimester and sleeping is a struggle, I savor slow mornings. After literally rolling out of bed, I head downstairs to feed my three fluffy dogs. I start by pouring a mug of hot water with lemon, and then follow that up with a cup of decaf coffee or tea. If I’m not running out for a morning workout, I head back upstairs for some morning self care, with a warm shower and my full morning skincare routine.
Any skincare steps you’ve added to your routine recently?
This past winter during my second trimester, I really struggled with the cold weather making my skin dry, dull and broken capillaries. I added monthly facials with my esthetician, Sarah Ford. We did DMK treatments to detox and hydrate, plus I added face oils to my nighttime routine.
How has expecting changed the way you approach everyday self-care?
The funny thing that no one prepares you for is the need to read the labels for everything you use. I have always been a skincare and health junkie, but once you feel the pressure of responsibility for your baby’s wellbeing, you really take thoughtfulness and ingredients to a whole new level. I make sure to use only organic, non-toxic products. I also find myself really prioritizing the things I know work for my body and will make me feel better in pregnancy and beyond.
In this season of your life, what’s making you feel most beautiful?
The realization that my body can grow and house a little human being! Also, a trip to the gym helps me feel strong and capable. And a little suntan or a compliment from my husband are icing on the cake.
What are some of the essentials you’re never without?
Lip balm, hand sanitizer, hair ties and clips, and soothing hand and face creams.
As a model, are there any on-set beauty secrets you’ve learned and still use to this day?
Skin prep is just as important as the makeup. Eyepatches make a huge difference in the morning to depuff. I always do a quick lymphatic drainage massage on myself with lotion before going into the makeup chair. Good mascara without fallout is a must! Invest in lipliner colors that are your natural lip shade so it’s just your lips but better.

First beauty memory: Sitting on the bathroom vanity using my mom’s makeup brushes to play pretend.

Three desert island skincare staples: Osmosis stem factor serum, Magic Molecule antibacterial facial mist and lip balm.

Best beauty lesson: My mom telling me to never pluck my eyebrows.

Most underrated beauty tip or tool: Eyelash curler.

You feel your most beautiful when: I’m on vacation somewhere tropical with a nice tan.

Recipe you can’t stop cooking: Grain-free banana pancakes. I add cottage cheese for protein and use whole rolled oats instead of any processed flour. And they are so easy!

Current song you’re playing on repeat: Anything Zach Bryan.