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A Guide to More Luxurious Lymphatic Massages

March 27, 2024
Photos by: Bliss Braoudakis

As makers of quality, effective, and indulgent essentials, we’re big fans of a wellness practice that combines tangible health benefits with luxurious self-care in seamless form. Enter: lymphatic massage. On a practical level, it moves lymph fluid through your body to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and boost immunity—and in terms of general wellness, it’s an opportunity to mindfully reconnect with yourself from head to toe. Plus, who doesn’t love a massage? Whether you’re new to the idea or a daily devotee, our Lymphatic Massage Set was designed to elevate every moment—and today we’re breaking down everything you need to know.

The Prep 

While still in the shower—after cleansing with Awaken Body Wash—massage a generous dollop of Perfecting Body Scrub into wet skin. We’ve found that, in addition to helping you get the most out of every handful, gentle circular motions work best for exfoliation. After you’ve scrubbed your full body, rinse to reveal hydrated and silky-smooth skin.

To further prep your body for optimal lymphatic drainage, you can also gently press on lymphatic points as you scrub–where your neck meets your jaw, along your collarbone, under the armpits, and right below where your hip meets your leg. 

The Massage 

At the end of your shower, lightly towel off—a little leftover moisture helps!—then grab your Dew Body Oil. Starting at your feet, use a generous amount as you begin massaging your skin in gentle upward motions—you can always add more body oil as you go. Once you’ve reached your torso, you can pivot to your fingertips, working your way back up your arms to your torso once more.

A general rule of thumb? As you massage, always move toward your heart.  Once you’ve finished massaging, you’ll be left with a luxuriously lightweight layer of full-body hydration.