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For Forma Pilates’ Liana Levi, Beauty Comes from Within

December 07, 2023
Photos by: Bliss Braoudakis

Though it should come as no shock that Forma Pilates founder Liana Levi would prioritize movement in her maintenance of a lasting inner glow, it may surprise you to find out just how simple her everyday routine would be. No fuss, no complications—just a refreshing, virtually effortless approach to feeling your best. The outer glow is just a natural benefit. For all the easy-to-follow details, read on. P.S. Forma Pilates is offering our readers 30% off an annual membership to their digital platform. Use code JK30 here.

As someone in the fitness space, what do beauty and wellness mean to you?
In an industry so often focused on aesthetics, I’m a firm believer that beauty and wellness start from within. If you feel good, it will resonate throughout your life—for me, that means nourishing my body with good food and consistent movement that leaves me feeling stronger and mentally clearer than before.
Can you walk us through your typical morning routine? What are your non-negotiables?
I begin each day with water, quick meditation, and supplements. Then, I make myself a matcha before going on a walk with my dog—that morning sunlight is so essential for starting the day off right.
Can you share some of your tried-and-true self-care practices?
When in doubt, I love a face mask and meditation. Ideally at the same time for self-care double duty—calm my skin while I calm my mind.
If you had all the time in the world, what would an ideal morning look like?
I honestly love a slow, unplugged morning on the couch—minimal phone activity and a really good matcha in hand! Then I’d maybe follow that with a Forma Pilates class. I may be biased but it truly is my favorite way to move my body.
Whether it’s mental, physical—or even a mantra perhaps—what are a few of your favorite ways to glow up when you feel in need of a boost?
Sometimes there’s simply nothing better than a walk outside! It’s amazing what a little movement and sunlight can do for your mental wellbeing—and I swear you feel the benefits within minutes.
How do beauty and skincare factor into your everyday life?
Less is more, truly! My daily routine is fairly simple, and I think it’s better that way. I have a trusted ritual of beauty and skincare products that make me feel my best, and I know I can wake up, treat my skin without thinking too much about it, and be on my way. Self-care and skincare are so important, but that doesn’t mean they need to take up your entire morning.
Any pre or post-workout beauty tips for those on the go?
I workout with as minimal makeup as possible—but I never skip my tinted SPF moisturizer. Staying hydrated before and after movement is also so important for our skin. We always have our studios stocked up with skincare essentials for quick touch ups after class!