Expert Session

How Kale Teter Created A Met Gala-Worthy Glow

May 08, 2024
Photos by: Kale Teter

When it comes to the pop culture's most coveted red carpet, securing the glow is serious business. That's why, for this year's Met Gala, we partnered with makeup artist Kale Teter to get Lea Michele's skin prepped, primed, and glammed with a glow that would last all night. The result was breathtaking, and now Kale's spilling all the behind-the-scenes details.

How do you personally prep for a full day of event glam? What are your pre-glam rituals?
First, I try to get as much sleep as possible the night before. If I know I’m going to have a long busy day, I’ll try to do a really thorough skincare routine and start winding down by 9:30 PM. In the morning, I’ll have some coffee (but not too much otherwise I get too jittery) and lots of water. If I have time, I like to workout or even just a good walk and mentally walk myself through the day. After that, I also try to eat a healthy breakfast and bring protein bars with me because it can be hard to stop for breaks on days like the Met Gala.
What skin prep do you recommend for clients in the lead-up to an event?
I always urge my clients to stay hydrated, it’s super important. And good sleep. Otherwise, I think it’s great if they can get a facial the day before—though I recommend skipping any kind of unnecessary extractions. A mask the morning of like the restorative mask or even at the beginning of glam is also helpful to get the skin in peak condition before the rest of skincare and makeup.
In terms of eyes, lips, and face—what makeup did you use/was the process?
Lea is expecting her second child, so we really wanted her to just look radiant and beautiful. We didn’t feel it was time for any over the top makeup. Skincare was key, so I started by using Oak Essential’s Balancing Mist, then massaged her face with Ritual Oil and a small amount of Moisture Rich Balm. I kept the skin very radiant with a soft focus finish. The key was using cream bronzer and blush for warmth and color, carefully blending out the edges for an overall seamless look. Eyes were softly defined but pretty neutral, and we finished with a creamy rose lipstick.
How did you make sure Lea’s look would last all night?
Giving everything one last blend with a Beauty Blender is something I almost always do. I like everything to look very diffused. Then I’ll sometimes spritz some setting spray like the Balancing Mist—which I did last night. And very last I will often powder the center of the face one last time with a small brush.
Which of the Oak Essentials lineup will you be incorporating into your daily routine?
Keeping a bottle of the Balancing Mist for myself is refreshing and wakes you up in the best way. Another favorite of mine is the Ritual Oil. It has so many soothing ingredients, and it smells incredible.
Lea is very careful about taking care of her body, especially while she’s pregnant, so it makes me feel better to know everything in the Oak Essentials line is made with natural high-quality ingredients.