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Jamie Grimstad’s Guide to an Everyday Glow

December 11, 2023
Photos by: Heather Moore

Whether it’s the self-care practices that keep us glowing or the essentials we’re never without, the way we experience beauty is nothing if not so personal. For Jamie Grimstad—brand consultant, style curator, and founder of Curated by Jamie—it’s found in the simple promises she keeps to herself daily, a few of which she’s sharing with us now. Read on and take inspiration as needed.

Whether a concept, feeling, or daily routine, what does beauty mean to you?
To me, beauty is a feeling—a sense of calm and confidence altogether in one moment. This feeling comes from a particular space, putting on a beautiful garment, or taking a couple of minutes to do self-care. This feeling can also come from just being present in a certain moment.
Can you walk us through your typical morning routine?
I typically wake-up between 7-7:30am every morning, and immediately (although I’m embarrassed to admit it), check my emails and Instagram. I do my morning skincare routine, have a cup of coffee—typically, two—and get ready for my workout. Movement is so essential to my everyday routine, I always try to get it in before noon.
When you’re on the go, what are a few of the beauty must-haves you always make room for? Care to share which everyday essentials are currently in your bag?
Compact Blush—I love this one from Bobbi Brown. Lip Balm—I love this one from Oak Essentials. Lip Gloss—I’m obsessed with this one from UBeauty. Lip Liner—this one is my current favorite. Hairbrush—I always carry a mini one! You can always find this one in my purse.
What’s some of the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Less is more!
To me, beauty is a feeling—a sense of calm and confidence altogether in one moment.
What’s one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?
Take your time! Whether it be with personal or business goals, I feel like it hasn’t been until the past year that I’ve understood the phrase, 'timing is everything.' Time flies, and sometimes we have to trust the timing of how/when things come our way!
What’s your preferred form of self-care when you have 5 minutes? 15? A full night in?
When I have 5 minutes, a face mask. When I have 15 minutes, going for a walk, and grabbing a coffee to get some fresh air. When I have a full night in, ordering in, and binge-watching my favorite show.

First beauty memory: Dance recitals when I was younger. I always remember feeling like a princess. 

Three desert island skincare staples: Guasha, UBeauty Lip Plasma, The Organic Pharmacy Manuka Jasmine Mask. 

Best beauty lesson: Less is more! Keep your routine simple. 

Most underrated beauty tip or tool: Guasha, hands down! Can’t live without it. 

You feel your most beautiful when: I feel confident in my skin. 

Recipe you can’t stop cooking: With the holidays around the corner, I’m all about comfort foods. I’m craving a Beef Bourgogne and want to make one in the coming weeks. 

Current song you’re playing on repeat: I Drink Wine by Adele.