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Introducing Our Blog: The Essentialist

December 07, 2023

When we launched Oak Essentials back in the summer of 2021, creating a content destination was always in the cards. Many launches later and an assortment that spans skin, body, and home, we're ready to introduce our space for the stories that inspire, educate, and enliven a sense of eternal well-being. Read on for our mission surrounding The Essentialist and all that's to come.

While The Essentialist is a dedicated space to showcase the stories of the women we most admire, there's one story that is crucial in understanding what we hope The Essentialist will serve as in our beauty community: our own story.

We were founded by a group of like-minded women eager to cut through the beauty industry noise with a well-curated and elevated collection of the most essential products. With years of collective experience in the lifestyle space, we felt that there was something missing in the world of beauty that delivered on the many facets of well-being.

The Essentialist is a space for you—and we can't wait to share all that's in store.

Part of our name is inspired by the ever-transcendent Oak Tree, which represents longevity, strength, power, and honesty. Serving as a guiding force for our brand, the Oak Tree's virtues permeate our purpose—from how we approach sustainability to the products and everyday experiences create. 

The Essentialist is a destination designed to bring to life these very virtues, while also speaking back to our core brand philosophy around curation, simplicity, and essential well-being.

You'll find home tours with features of incredible bathrooms that spare no detail, interviews with women who aren't afraid to answer the hard questions, and expert tips for creating a self-care practice that feels true to you.

The Essentialist is a space for you—and we can't wait to share all that's in store.