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How to Choose Your Signature Scent

February 14, 2024
Photos by: Bliss Kaufman

Whether you're eager to find the perfect gift (yes, dropping a hint counts) or want to invest in an everyday indulgence, finding your signature scent takes equal parts curation and care. That's why we're breaking down each scent—so all you have to do is enjoy.

For the One Who Loves a Hint of Floral

Don't let the name Cuir Rose fool you—this floral scent is nothing like you've experienced before. Balancing masculine and feminine, bold and understated, familiar and unexpected, Cuir Rose plays with the beauty of natural nuance. We like to imagine that this scent evokes the same fleeting sensorial experiences that come from sea-dampened blooms on the California coastline or the storied past of a vintage leather jacket.

The top notes feature saffron, cassis, and Italian tangerine, while the middle and base notes include white leather, Turkish rose petals, blonde woods, and crisp amber.

For the One Who Loves Something Familiar

When it comes to the fresh and fragrant notes of Violet Santal, what's not to love? This light and vibrant scent carries notes of violet, crisp amber, and California woods, and evokes the feeling of enjoying the sunset with close friends.

The top notes include invigorating Italian lemon and saffron, while the middle and base notes feature violet, magnolia, and bamboo for a touch of fragrance that is reminiscent of moments outdoors, and new caledonia sandalwood, blonde woods, and crisp amber to ground the scent in the everyday.

For the One Who Loves to be Romantic

With an earthiness that settles into soft, balmy luxury, Santo Wood calls on a sense of California mysticism that is effortless in every sense of the word. While we love Santo Wood for any type of occasion, it gives off a soft air that brings to life echoes in the canyon or the inherent familiarity of distant desert roads.

The top notes come together with help from anise, eucalyptus, and Italian bergamot, while the middle and base notes are filled with favorites such as palo santo, ceylon black tea, black musk, papyrus, white birch, and sandalwood.