Expert Session

How Gita Bass Prepped Sarah Paulson's Skin for the Met Gala

May 09, 2024
Photos by: Gita Bass

If you thought you noticed a familiar glow on fashion's most coveted red carpet, you're spot on. This year, we collaborated with makeup artist and self-proclaimed clean beauty enthusiast Gita Bass for actress Sarah Paulson's Met Gala look. Dewy, natural, and yet glam nonetheless, it was, simply put, stunning—and now Gita's sharing all the details.

What are some of the ways you personally prep for a big day of event glam? Any pre-glam rituals?
It’s important to look and feel your best for a big glam event—it's often super chaotic and these days artists are on camera too. I love having flawless radiant skin and take a holistic approach to achieving the glow. I start my day with a quick meditation and at-home yoga class to help keep me centered and get the blood flowing. I always prep my skin with a face mask like the Restorative Mask and layer my skincare for the ultimate glow.
What pre-event skin prep did you recommend for clients?
I recommend that clients wear a face mask the night before with the Oak Essentials Restorative Mask. In the morning, I recommend cleansing with the Cleansing Balm and spritzing with the Balancing Mist. I then have clients apply the Moisture Rich Balm and massage it in for a couple of minutes before sealing in the moisture with the Ritual Oil. The products absorb so well into the skin and never interfere with makeup.
Let’s talk eyes, lips, face. What makeup did you use for Sarah’s look? What was the process?
We wanted to keep the makeup fresh and ethereal, with a focus on radiant skin and rosy cheeks. To keep the skin glowing, I added a few drops of the Ritual Oil to Sarah’s foundation for a fresh dewy finish. We kept the eye lids bare and smudged a chocolate brown line in the upper and lower lash lines for some definition and added several coats of mascara for a doe eyed effect. For a gorgeous natural flush, I added cream blush on the apples of her cheeks and set it with a powder in a similar shade of rose. Her lips were prepped with the Conditioning Lip Balm, and then a matte shade of rose lipstick was added for a bitten lip effect.
How did you ensure that Sarah’s look would last all night?
Since we prepped Sarah’s skin so well, I knew her skin was smooth and supple, giving her makeup extra staying power and preventing it from settling into any fine lines. For added protection, I misted her face with The Balancing Mist to lock in hydration and ensure her skin was glowing all night long.
Which of the Oak Essentials lineup will you be adding into your daily routine?
I am in love with all the products, but the combination of the Balancing Mist, the Moisture Rich Balm and the Ritual Oil is a must for my daily routine. The products absorb so well and plump my skin from the inside leaving it hydrated, dewy and glowing. And the smell is incredible!