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5 Essential Ways to Use Moisture Rich Balm

March 11, 2024

When it comes to the ultra-hydrating Moisture Rich Balm, we often find ourselves asking one simple question: what can't Moisture Rich Balm do? Whether you're using it as a slugging essential to lock in moisture or as a cuticle balm to hydrate effortlessly, our coveted Moisture Rich Balm is a multi-purpose hero. Read on for our top five ways to use it in any skin and body care routine.

In Your Skincare Routine

We're starting our list off with our go-to way to use Moisture Rich Balm: in our skincare routine. Filled with antioxidants and oils that support collagen production and promote cell regeneration, Moisture Rich Balm works overtime as an everyday moisturizer or slugging alternative. We love using it day and night to lock in moisture and give our skin a natural, never-ending glow.

In Your Body Care Routine

One of our favorite ways to work Moisture Rich Balm into our routines is with body care. While Moisture Rich Body Balm is perfect for indulgent hydration, we turn to the travel-friendly Moisture Rich Balm for body basics anytime, anywhere. A few of our go-to uses: as a cuticle oil, to heal dry patches, and to hydrate cracked hands.

In Your Makeup Routine

While Moisture Rich Balm might come off as a skincare-only product, makeup artists will gladly offer up a new perspective. Many of the makeup artists we work with on a daily basis—as well as our own team members—love to incorporate Moisture Rich Balm into their makeup routines.

Prime your skin with Moisture Rich Balm to ensure you're working with a hydrated complexion, use it as a balmy highlighter atop cheekbones, mix it in with blush for effortless color, diffuse your lipstick into a tinted balm, or dip a spoolie brush into Moisture Rich Balm and use it as a brow gel.

In Your Self-Care Routine

Moisture Rich Balm's many uses extend into what might be the best part of any routine: the rituals that are reserved for self-care. Jenni herself loves to use Moisture Rich Balm as the base for her facial massage and gua sha practices. Simply apply all over and begin massaging your face with your gua sha tool or hands—the slip is instant and the hydration that is left behind is unbeatable.

In Your Everyday Routine

Last on our list of Moisture Rich Balm uses? The everyday ways we work it into our routine—especially when we're on the go. We polled our team, and nearly everyone admits to using Moisture Rich Balm as a lip balm when they're in a pinch, moms are obsessed with using it as a cream for their toddlers' dry cheeks, and Jenni keeps one in her purse for everyday needs.